Writing A Short Essay – That’s How It Works

Writing a Short Essay at college, you may want to write a short essay. In order for you to succeed, we have put together the most important information here. A short essay is also an essay form and is based on the typical criteria: introduction, main part and conclusion. As the name suggests, a short essay is rather short.

However, it is not specified which length a short essay must have. Usually you can write 500 – 2000 words for it. A little less or a little more is not a problem at all. But it is very important that the short essay is based on a good idea. A boring or lengthy topic will not tear anyone off their stools. And you want your short essay read.

To write a short essay is to summarize briefly

A short essay is read by the reader usually not in stages, but at once. Unlike a novel, the plot is told succinctly. For a good short essay, you should consider different criteria. The most important ones include:

A short essay often only plays in one place.

Often the human psyche is the core of the essay.

There are no big leaps in time, but it develops linearly. Linear means no flashbacks or glances into the future. The essay stays in chronological order.

There are very few people in the short essay.

These people are not described in detail, but often outlined very briefly. Most of the time only one property is exposed.

There are two forms of short essays

An everyday event is described. There are no surprises. For example, a refugee child tells of one day of his life.

It is a somewhat unpredictable portrayed. This is a surprise. For example, a child tells how it had a bicycle accident.

Writing a short essay is to encourage the reader to think

A characteristic of a short essay is not to describe the characteristics of persons in detail, but to make them clear by their action. The behavior of the described persons expresses typical characteristics. For example, a person cries when she sees a child being beaten. This makes it clear that she is a sensitive, sensitive person who does not beat children. Through this subliminal presentation, the reader is encouraged to make his own thoughts.

Introductions are rather short in short essays because the author does not want to spend much time on them. You can also go straight into the main essay and skip the introduction altogether. But the reader has to understand why you do that.

This is how you prepare yourself if you want to write a short essay

Choose one of the two short essay forms.

Think about what the main message of your short essay is.

Think about how best to represent this core of your essay.

Imagine a person who is the center of your short essay.

Plan how you tell the climax of your short essay.

Also, think about the mood your short essay is supposed to express.

Lastly, you should think about what the short essay should do to the reader.

Now add your keywords to a short essay

In a first version of your short essay you connect all your keywords to a complete text. This text does not have to be perfect yet. Each author revises his short essay many times until he is satisfied. You should do that too. You can delete superfluous statements to find missing content. Make sure everything in your short essay matches. The reader must be able to understand each process. So do not suddenly unexpectedly add people or things you did not announce.

Revise your short essay

If you want to write a good short essay, you have to revise it over and over again. Read your drafts to someone who should honestly criticize you. Maybe you have not made it clear that your main character is a very unhappy person? Or you forgot to mention why the ring on your main character’s finger is so important. Take the suggestions and think about how you can do it better. Check the following checklist and see if your short essay meets all the important points and requirements. If you like, you can pay for essay at professional writing service and get a high quality that would be worth A+ mark.

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