How To Get Money For Property Development

Although the government is drawing great opportunities for entrepreneurs, offering all round support, it is difficult to get subsidies for small businesses. Let us tell you why not everyone can get to the budgetary feeder and how exactly the businessman needs to push all elbows to get money from the state.

Procedure for obtaining grants and small businesses subsidies

The process of state support is not so simple. It all starts long before the opportunity for the business entity to get money from the budget. First, a federal support program approved, where all the conditions for obtaining finance prescribed. Then, regional programs for the development of entrepreneurship are adopted, in which priority areas for a specific area are prescribed. Then the municipal programs come into force, providing for the order of obtaining support on the ground. Only in the coming fiscal year, the necessary funds allocated for the implementation of relevant programs. They reach district and city budgets not at once.

When it is clear how much can be allocated for supporting entrepreneurship in this period, the administration announces a tender, which is placed in the legislative bulletin of the locality. Within 30 days, entrepreneurs can submit applications for participation, which considered by a special commission for another couple of weeks. Then, with the businessmen whose applications have been approved, a contract on granting a subsidy is signed.

Further, it remains only to wait until the money arrives at the appropriate budget: in the regional treasury, the funds usually come in the middle of the year, and in the budgets of small settlements and subsidized areas only at the end of the year, sometimes even in the last days of December. Having received the subsidy, the small business enterprise should report on its use, the terms and order of such reports are prescribed in the contract.

The competition for a subsidy?

In order to join the competitive race, you need not only to properly fill out an application and indicate the budgetary effectiveness of the project (the number of jobs, the amount of tax deductions), but also to prepare a whole package of documents confirming the seriousness of the businessman intentions.

First of all documents that certify the fact of the official registration of the applicant enterprise a certificate of registration of an IP or a legal entity, statutory documents and other papers will be required. They need to attach a business plan, which spells out all the organizational and technical aspects of the project being financed, its financial part and possible risks with ways to minimize them. This document should be justification of the need for a subsidy from the budget and an indication of the social significance of the company activities.

Separately, you will have to attach both tax reports and internal accounting documents so that it is clear in what state the enterprise is at the time of requesting funds from the state.

After checking all this package of documents, the commission issues points on demand from entrepreneurs, as a result, those who have all the necessary papers, participate in the selection and who have the most points he gets the opportunity to use subsidy for small and medium sized businesses from the budget.

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