Types of Business Units

US economic legislation distinguishes three basic forms of economic activity: individual proprietorship from partnership and corporation, each of which, in turn, has features, species and subspecies. Let’s consider each of these forms separately. Individual entrepreneurship is the most massive form. Annually in the US, businessmen fill approximately 25 million tax returns, the vast majority of […]

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The economic essence of insurance

Insurance is the oldest category of socio-economic relations, which is also an integral part of production relations. Even then, the fundamental principle of insurance was laid – protection from risk. In the slave society there were agreements in which one can see the features of the insurance contract. The emergence of new markets for trade […]

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On the US Budget System

The US state budget can be considered the most accurate financial expression of the essence and nature of the state structure and power. As in all developed countries, the US budget performs three main functions. Historically, the oldest is the content of the state machine: the administrative apparatus, the army, the courts, etc. ; the […]

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State and municipal credit. Public Debt Management

The development of financial relations and the adjustment of the functional purpose of the state in the economic sphere lead to changes in the methods and forms of public administration and regulation. The budget of the modern state, as a system of relations and as a single fund of state funds, uses all available methods […]

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Insurance of housing in the USA

Americans have this type of property insurance – the second for the collected insurance premium, second only to car insurance. The total premium collection for 1997 (later data is not yet available) was $ 29.14 billion. In the US, insurance policies have a high degree of unification for insured risks. Across the country (except for […]

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Mutual insurance

Mutual insurance is an organizational and legal form of insurance, the essence of which is the combination of individuals or legal entities in mutual insurance societies to protect their property interests. At the same time, each policyholder becomes simultaneously a participant in such a society, which is an organization of a non-commercial type, since it […]

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